Monday, June 7, 2010

Plus Sized Brides

As a plus sized woman, I am comfortable in my body. My FH loves my body. There is not much chance of me losing weight before the wedding, as I gained it due to medication and the medication will make it stay on.

I love Offbeat Bride, and how they show so many beautiful brides of every shape imaginable!

Lo and Behold, they have a tag for any plus sized brides! Who knew? And through this tag, I found Axis of Fat,which is all about "Fatting all over the place, and looking fancy all the while." How awesome of a tag line is THAT?

Anyhow, Offbeat Bride featured one of their writers' (Natalie) articles: A Fat Bride Survival Guide. Go there now, and check it out. I think it is a FANTASTIC read for any plus sized bride, or anyone who is friends with, family of or even vendors to, plus sized brides!


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